Permanent Temporary Workers – The New Reality?

May 5, 2011 | Leave a Comment By IQN Marketing

Fortune magazine today published an article about the new “Permanent Temporary” worker. What is most interesting to me (based on not only this article but a discussion I attended a few weeks back at the SIA Executive Forum in Miami) is that there are two very different camps. The first camp consists of a growing number of 1099 or “independent contractors” who want to work for themselves (even in a climate where the government is passing record amounts of legislation to recover tax dollars). The second camp is made up of “involuntary temps;” people who would prefer permanent employment but are unable to make the transition from temporary to permanent. According to this report, 8 million people are in the involuntary temp category (based on assumptions that most of the part-time population in the US are contingent workers). Very different situations, both part of the same growing trend….

temporary-workersSo is this a good thing? I think so. Though the benefits issue (or lack of benefits for temporary workers) is problematic, there seems to be more positive than negative impacts of this trend. Pay rates of “non regular” are increasing (per the IQNdex released by us last month), so much so that they are rivaling that of their “regular” counterparts. Hiring temporary workers can be mutually beneficial. Temporary assignments make it is easier for people to quickly gain new opportunities, experiences and skills, while employers find the flexibility valuable in today’s (still) potentially volatile economy.

Additionally, VMS tools like IQNavigator enable companies to source, track and manage this population like never before.

I don’t see the trend reversing any time soon.

You can read the full article by clicking the following link:

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