IQNavigator System Status

This page provides IQN clients, partners and associates with regular system alerts and updates.

*Note* –If you have been redirected to this page, the environment you are trying to access is not available. If the current status of the environment you are trying to access states ‘Available’, we have just recently encountered an unplanned outage. The Support team has been alerted and will change the status and provide an update shortly. Thank you for your patience.

IQNavigator’s Current System Status is:

Environment Status Comment
IQNavigator Production (Augustus) Available See system updates
WF Prod Available Normal
Vision Available Normal
IM01 Available Normal
IMPL1 Available Normal
IM02 Available Normal
Training1 Available Normal
UA01 Available Normal
Demo 1 Available Normal

Upcoming Planned Maintenance

Daily Maintenance – UA01
* UA01 environment has daily planned maintenance at 3:30 – 5:30 PM Mountain Standard Time.

Weekly Production Maintenance Window

IQNavigator has a weekly production maintenance window between 8pm-10pm MT on Friday each week. If we do plan to bring down the IQNavigator application, we will update the “System Updates” section with the details.

System Updates

Boomi Integrations: Production

11/27 06:52 AM MT: The issue is now resolved and files are processing as expected.

11/27 06:00 AM MT: The Technology team is still investigating this issue as a priority. We do not currently have a resolution but we will continue to provide updates as they are received from the Technology team.

11/27 04:46 AM MT: There are currently issues with integrations that are processed through Boomi, stopping files from been processed. This issue has been escalated to the Technology Team and is being investigated. Please continue to check the status page for updates. No additional tickets regarding this issue are required at this time. We thank you for your patience.

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The system alerts notification email will be sent when there is a total outage on our production (Augutus/WF) environment and this outage is not a planned maintenance.

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