IQNavigator System Status

This page provides IQN clients, partners and associates with regular system alerts and updates.

*Note* –If you have been redirected to this page, the environment you are trying to access is not available. If the current status of the environment you are trying to access states ‘Available’, we have just recently encountered an unplanned outage. The Support team has been alerted and will change the status and provide an update shortly. Thank you for your patience.

IQNavigator’s Current System Status is:

Environment Status Comment
IQNavigator Production (Augustus) Available Normal
WF Prod Available Normal
Vision Available Normal
IMPL1 Available Normal
IMPL2 Available Normal
Oscar Available Normal
Training1 Available Normal
UA01 Available Normal
Demo 1 Available Normal

Upcoming Planned Maintenance

Daily Maintenance- Oscar and UA01

* Oscar and UA01 environments have daily planned maintenance at 3:30 – 5:30 PM Mountain Standard Time.

System Updates

IMPL1 Test Site is currently down. *UPDATED*

08/28 06:05 PM MT: IMPL1 is back up and running as per normal. Thank you for your patience while we resolved this issue.

08/28 11:11 AM MT: IMPL1 environment maintenance is expected to be finished at 12 PM MT. Once maintenance is finished the IMPL1 test environment will be available as per normal.

08/28 12:50 AM MT: IMPL1 Site is currently down for Maintenance. Our Technology team is working towards the same, and the site should be up by morning (MT). We thank you for your patience.

08/28 12:40 AM MT : IMPL1 Test site is currently down. Our Technology team is looking into this issue on a priority basis. We thank you for your patience.

IMPL1 Webservices

8/27 04:13 AM MT : Our Technology team has resolved the issue with web services. Web services are now running as expected.

8/27 03:21 AM MT : There are currently issues with web services not processing which may result with clients not being able to receive data in a timely fashion. This issue has been escalated to the Technology Team and is being investigated. Please continue to check the status page for updates. No additional tickets regarding this issue are required at this time. We thank you for your patience.

IMPL1 Experiencing Slowness and Timeouts

8/26 08:07 PM MT : The IQNavigator IMPL1 test site is currently experiencing extreme slowness and in some cases timeouts that kick users out of the application. This has been escalated to our technology team and is being investigated. Please continue to check the status page for updates. We thank you for your patience.

13.1 Release update

8/22 10:57 PM MT : The IQNavigator production site is upgraded to 13.1 release. The application is now available for all clients.

8/21 08:15 PM MT: The IQNavigator production site is currently down for upgrade to the 13.1 release.

13.1 Release deployment schedule

8/20 04:30 PM MT: The IQNavigator Release 13.1 is scheduled for General Availability (GA) on August 21, 2015 during a normal maintenance window. Normal maintenance windows occur every Friday and Saturday evening from 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM MST (GMT -6).

13.0 Activation of Login and Dashboard – Update

8/20 03:30 PM MT: We have put together a few helpful documents to aid and provide our valued users a workaround if you are experiencing any login issues.
Please see the links below:

Workaround for Old Passwords Not Being Recognized

Supporting a Locked Out User

Whoops Page Workaround

Subscribe to System Status Alerts

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