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The Grand Unified Sandwich Theory

October 15, 2015 | Leave a Comment By Brian Hoffmeyer

sandwichI’m writing this from 35,000 feet on my way to New Orleans. As a foodie (actually, I prefer the term “gastronaut,” but that’s a topic for another post), I’m super excited to eat and drink my way through one of America’s greatest food cities. One of the foodstuffs I’m most excited about having is the muffaletta at Cochon Butcher! The muffaletta is a classic illustration of the Grand Unified Sandwich Theory,* which states:

Any great sandwich must be more than the sum of its parts.

Simply said, a muffaletta’s layers of bread, sliced cured meats, cheese, and olive salad together taste much better than any of them could alone. The theory holds here as it does in other classics.

Do you know what else is greater than the sum of its parts? IQN’s alliance partner ecosystem, IQN Connect! Today we announced exciting new partnerships with Montage, HireRight, and Genesys Talent. Continue reading

CWM in Financial Services: How to Keep Top Contingent Talent Onboard

October 9, 2015 | Leave a Comment By Brian Hoffmeyer

Every year, month, and even day brings new challenges to Financial Services organizations. You face stringent regulatory compliance requirements, an uncertain economy, an ever-faster pace of technology, and more. Your contingent talent is critical to helping you overcome these challenges and seize new opportunities when they arise. Continue reading

CWM in Financial Services: How to Find the Skillsets You Need in the Global Contingent Workforce

October 1, 2015 | Leave a Comment By Brian Hoffmeyer

The Financial Services industry has never been more complex. As discussed in the first two posts of this four-part blog series, “CWM in Financial Services,” external regulations and internal governance are creating tough challenges for banks, investment firms, insurance agencies and other Financial Services organizations.

How can you overcome these and other challenges and capitalize on opportunities when they arise? One important strategy is to have the right people in the right roles in your organization. That starts with traditional full-time employees, but increasingly includes the contingent workforce. Continue reading

CWM in Financial Services: Critical Controls to Ensure Corporate Governance (and Great Hires)

September 22, 2015 | Leave a Comment By Kieran Brady

As discussed in the first installment of our “CWM in Financial Services” blog series, Financial Services organizations face a wide range of external regulations. But they also face strict internal governance. From the boardroom to the server room, every employee and business unit must meet the demand for visibility and accountability. Yet nowhere, perhaps, is compliance and governance more imperative than when dealing with third-party vendors and employees. Continue reading

CWM in Financial Services: 4 Strategies for More Efficient, Effective Regulatory Compliance

September 14, 2015 | Leave a Comment By Matt Katz

Regulatory compliance in the Financial Services industry continues to grow in scope and complexity. Greater scrutiny, tighter controls, lost returns, and a constantly changing interpretation of risks all contribute to today’s unprecedented environment. While many of these regulations protect the consumer, they create significant challenges within Financial Services organizations. In this first post of our four-part blog series, “CWM in Financial Services,” let’s take a look at how you can address these challenges.Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Overcoming regulatory obstacles can be as complicated as the regulations themselves. To navigate these compliance concerns, Financial Services institutions need the right people with specific skillsets, often on short notice, under a restricted budget, and in a marketplace with steep competition. Yes, hiring contingent labor helps meet these needs. But it comes with its own complications. Continue reading