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Contingent Workforce Management More and more companies continue to leverage non-employees, often referred to as the contingent workforce. Managing this growing area of labor can reap substantial benefits, from increased flexibility and scalability, to compliance, cost savings and supplier management. IQNavigator's VMS solution enables many of the world's best known brands to manage their global non-employee workforce. SOW-based Services Management With a savings potential for SOW-based spending estimated at 10 to 20 times that of contingent labor, procurement leaders are placing greater emphasis on bringing SOW spending under management. At the same time, recent industry analyst findings indicate that 76% of companies are not adequately managing and controlling SOW services. Global Management & Localization Whether you’re looking to expand your existing solution to other countries or you’re in need of a single solution to manage all your procurement services, IQN's VMS has the expertise and flexibility needed to get the job done. Our VMS solution allows you to choose your management model regionally and configure IQN’s VMS platform to fit your localization needs. Industry Expertise Industry expertise and category diversity are what separate IQNavigator and its customers from everyone else in the VMS marketplace. Our customers provide innovative products and services which impact virtually every market around the world, and they rely on IQN's VMS to help them successfully manage their non-employee workforce from sourcing to offboarding. Best Practices No matter what product, service, or industry you compete in, virtually all leading companies share a few common traits to achieving success. A sound strategy, the ability to weigh value versus cost, and a focus on increasing efficiencies through best-practice models are what drive IQNavigator and its customers to the forefront of excellence. Best-in-Class VMS Technology A best-in-class VMS can help you get the most from your contingent workforce. Our innovative VMS technology is purpose-built to manage the entire lifecycle of all types of non-employees, SOWs and projects. We’ll help you manage your contingent workforce easily through our scalable and secure SaaS architecture, seamless integrations and configurable user interface. 2015 Product & Technology Roadmap