Hover over for some interesting wiki Globe Sculpture at Columbus Circle - New York City, NY New York City is a global power city and makes a significant impact on world commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology and entertainment. IQNavigator has many large financial services clients, due to its focus on facilitating compliance and providing security controls. Learn how these large companies can be confident in the security that IQNavigator provides..
Risk Control True Risk Control for the non-employee workforce can best be achieved through the automation features of IQN's VMS. Risk and compliance are applicable to many stakeholders of a contingent workforce program – not just in procurement's realm anymore, but also concerning HR, legal and the C-suite. Visibility According to industry experts, non-employee labor is currently estimated to account for 20% of an average employer’s total workforce, with that number predicted to reach up to 50% by 2020. IQNavigator's VMS helps you get complete visibility of this growing workforce. Cost Savings With up to 30% of a company’s outgoing annual costs being spent on services (as opposed to direct or material goods), services spending is an untapped area for finding efficiencies and savings. Many IQNavigator customers have recognized a calculable return on investment (ROI) in less than six months. Process Efficiencies Many global firms have complicated processes (or even lack them altogether) for sourcing, hiring, managing, and invoicing of temporary and contingent labor. Automated workflows and fluid onboarding/offboarding procedures give IQNavigator customers the advantage when managing various types of labor. Mobile Access Companies in today's marketplace require mobile accessibility, ease of use, and the ability to make important decisions from virtually anywhere in the world. As a pioneer within the VMS industry, we offer program owners, hiring managers and even contractors the unique ability to access and manage with confidence from their smartphone or tablet. Supplier Management How do I know I'm paying competitive rates for my contingent workers? What do I need to ensure compliance and avoid outside risks? How can I get greater visibility and cost savings? IQNavigator understands that Supplier Management is critical to managing your non-employee workforce, and we have the solutions and expertise to help you gain control of your entire supplier network.