Best Practices

No matter what product, service or industry you compete in, virtually all leading companies share a few common traits to achieving success. The same is true for best-in-class contingent workforce management programs. They're both based on a sound organizational strategy, the ability to weigh value versus cost, and a focus on increasing efficiencies through best-practice models.

The Next-Generation CWM Program

With the contingent workforce growing steadily around the world, today’s contingent workforce management (CWM) programs face new challenges. They’re also presented with new opportunities to have a positive impact on the business. According to analyst firm Ardent Partners:

“Best-in-class enterprises have developed contingent workforce management programs that rely on a series of next-generation capabilities and solutions to drive ultimate value from non-traditional talent while supporting overall business growth.”

IQNavigator’s prospects, partners and clients benefit from industry-leading best practices and services, including:

  • Program-ready toolkits provide templates that save valuable cycle time and help your program optimize quickly
  • Our detailed maturity model provides critical program governance to help identify key strategies that will increase the impact and efficiency of your program
  • Best practices support supplier management, cost savings, risk mitigation, benchmarking, program performance and more
  • Comprehensive playbooks show you how to unlock additional savings and insight through field-tested approaches

IQN_IP_Best Practices

Best-Practices Implementation and Support

IQNavigator is committed to helping you unleash and maximize the value of your IQNavigator solution while helping you optimize your investment in your contingent workforce. Our Professional Services Organization offers you:

  • Unmatched expertise – from hundreds of successful implementation projects
  • Broad global rollout experience – ensures a localized approach to multi-country and contingent-wide deployments
  • More than 700 integrations – allow us to quickly integrate your VMS with other internal systems and accelerate VMS deployment

From the minute you go live with your IQNavigator VMS solution, we’ll partner with you throughout our engagement to support you, guide you and empower you. You’ll have access to day-to-day tactical support in critical areas, including:

  • Program optimization
  • Program governance
  • VMS technical configuration
  • Business intelligence
  • Client-tailored, global deployment strategies
  • SOW expertise across services procurement spectrum