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Mobile Access

Companies in today's marketplace require mobile accessibility, ease of use, and the ability to make important decisions from virtually anywhere in the world. As a pioneer within the VMS industry, we offer program owners, hiring managers and even contractors the unique ability to access and manage with confidence from their smartphone or tablet.

Innovation for Today’s Flexible Workforce

The convergence of a few major trends has resulted in an imperative need for mobile access for all roles involved with the non-employee workforce. Technology trends now cross both business and personal realms, leaving business users and decision makers with a strong preference for the ease and simplicity of consumer applications. In addition, advancements in mobile technology (both hardware and data speeds) enable business users to effectively access and interact with the Web and with mobile applications on remote devices.

IQN_IP_MobileOverall, IQNavigator’s goal with mobile innovation is to ultimately make it easier for occasional users to:

  • Interact with IQNavigator software and their accompanying services
  • Understand what they need to do to complete a task and what to expect from the overall process
  • Complete tasks as quickly as possible so users can carry on with their daily workload

Mobility for Hiring Managers

Even for frequent or daily users, IQN’s email approvals and task alerts provide needed efficiencies for hiring managers and approvers. Additional mobile features encourage program managers to manage workflows on the fly with a variety of mobile computing features, including:

  • On-device application functionality, such as time entry, approvals, sourcing and more
  • Email approvals and automated workflow processes
  • Real-time access to the latest statistics with interactive reports and data views

Mobility for Contractors

Mobile features focused on the contractor have been key to driving compliance and efficiencies in many non-employee workforce programs. Some of the contractor-focused functionality that IQN provides for mobile access includes:

  • Enter, edit, save draft, and submit time cards for multiple assignments
  • Copy time from previous time cards
  • Enter, edit, save draft, and submit expense reports
  • Alerts for approved, rejected and missing time cards
  • Assignment information (contacts, duration, buyer organization, etc.)