Best-in-Class VMS Technology

A best-in-class VMS can help you get the most from your contingent workforce. Our innovative VMS technology is purpose-built to manage the entire lifecycle of all types of non-employees, SOWs and projects. We’ll help you manage your contingent workforce easily through our scalable and secure SaaS architecture, seamless integrations and configurable user interface.

It’s the technology behind the VMS that guides the overall user experience – from day-to-day system performance (such as speed, uptime and usability) to back-end functionality (such as transactional integrity and system security). We deliver the enhanced functionality global enterprises require and that no other VMS can provide:

  • Highly configurable tool
  • Consistency and accuracy across programs
  • True global coverage
  • Unique in-country functionality
  • Real-time enterprise-wide reporting and visibility
  • Support of multiple MSPs