With more than 700 integrations under our belt, IQNavigator gets customers up and running fast. We offer a full suite of resources all geared to facilitate the most comprehensive and successful vendor management system (VMS) implementations globally – including the industry’s most powerful integration tools ( and IQNtegrator), standard Web services, our LaunchIQN implementation methodology, and dedicated in-house teams.

How Do We Do It?

We start with IQNavigator’s award-winning architecture. As a true software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, IQNavigator’s VMS ensures that our customers are always on the newest software version and infrastructure. Whether integrating for the first time, or the thousandth time, customers are guaranteed they are receiving the best integration experience industry wide. Our customers are also always ensured the highest possible data security, performance, scalability, and system availability.

IQN_IP_IntegrationsRapid Integrations

IQNavigator provides customers two ways to integrate with our vendor management system (VMS) depending on what works best for them. Both are fast, and flexible and virtually eliminate the pain points often associated with integrations. No matter the path, IQNavigator automates the integration process and dramatically cuts development time from weeks to a matter of days.

Incoming integrations always go through the application tier (rather than writing to the database directly) to apply all business rules, data validation and linkages for the client’s configuration. This ensures complete data integrity and consistency for all client data within IQNavigator.

Simple SaaS integrations have become a top priority for IQNavigator’s enterprise customers around the world, and was purpose-built to meet the needs of fast integrations. With, our customers, partners and suppliers have:

  • IQNavigator’s APIs (data warehouse, generate payroll, reconcile invoices, accounting codes, etc.)
  • Increased speed and accuracy of integrations
  • Decreased in the amount of time and errors it takes when implementing custom interfaces and simplified support of interfaces
  • Access to documentation for automated integrations with IQNavigator software (standardized RESTful APIs)

The portal enables developers to quickly and easily access available APIs. Documentation for both Web Services and Batch File APIs is also housed on the site, providing all of the information a developer needs to begin integrations independent of IQNavigator’s technical staff.

IQNavigator partners and suppliers benefit from the fast integration, process efficiency, process speed, and reduced errors made possible by the HR-XML compliant Web Services on this integration portal. APIs seamlessly automate customer and supplier systems, providing clearer visibility into costs and head count. is the VMS industry’s first certification with HR Open Standards and is validated by the HR Open Standards Consortium.


The IQNtegrator integration platform accelerates VMS deployments and dramatically cuts development time from weeks, to a matter of days- and even hours in many cases. IQNtegrator provides a smooth and seamless integration experience that gets customers up and running fast- up to 85% faster.

Typical system integrations include:

  • User
  • CAC
  • Location
  • Hierarchy (People and Cost Object)
  • Worker Extract

IQNtegrator helps clients recognize cost savings during and long after implementation is complete. An intuitive, visual design-interface enables drag and drop process and data mapping, immediate response to changing requirements, and simplifies QA testing resulting in a reduction of the amount of time and rework required to build and support integrations. Post-implementation, integrations are easily maintained to reflect changing business or technical requirements at no cost and with minimal client effort.

LaunchIQN Methodology

Our LaunchIQN methodology is the foundation of all IQNavigator implementations. Based on our four pillars of success and incorporating best practices from hundreds of implementations with the world’s leading brands, LaunchIQN painlessly guides customers through the implementation process.

Whether rolling out globally or taking it one step at a time, IQNavigator clearly defines roles and responsibilities on both sides of the implementation process. Tailored deliverables, timelines, and performance metrics track each step of the way so customers always have full project insight and visibility.

  • Proven Toolkits
  • Extensive Integration Capabilities
  • Industry-Leading Global Rollout Experience
  • Unmatched Team Experience, Expertise and Size

Our People

Behind it all, IQNavigator has a dedicated team of the most experienced, well-rounded implementation and integration specialists in the industry. Integration design, configuration, and development are always completed in-house and by employees with an average of five years’ tenure with IQNavigator.